Writing In Practice: The UK Journal Of Creative Writing In Academia

The National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE) in Britain is delighted to invite submissions for the first edition of a new UK journal: Writing in Practice: the UK Journal of Creative Writing in Academia.

This will be a peer-reviewed journal that aims to explore the nature of the art of writing, highlighting current academic thinking and practice, and reflecting on this with an international outlook. It also aims to encourage research in the field of Creative Writing, including practice-based and practice-led research. The first edition will be published in February, 2015, and the deadline for submissions is 10 July 2014.

Writing in Practice will encourage the investigation of a broad range of possible approaches to Creative Writing, focusing in particular on critical discussion of creative processes, and critical examination of the history and pedagogy of Creative Writing in all contexts. Creative Writing itself is welcomed when integral to an article. NAWE members with appropriate academic experience are invited to put themselves forward as peer reviewers. Further details about all the above are available on the NAWE website:
The deadline for submitting proposals for this year’s NAWE Conference is also approaching: 5 May, 2014. The Conference will take place in Bristol, 14-16 November, 2014, and booking is now open at