Governance & Subcommittees

Past Presidents of the AAWP include Judith Rodriguez, Professor Tom Shapcott, Dr Eva Sallis, Professor Jeri Kroll, Professor Donna Lee Brien, Dr Marcelle Freiman, Professor Jen Webb, Professor Paul Hetherington and Dr Lynda Hawryluk. The immediate past President is Dr Antonia Pont (Deakin University).

The current President of the AAWP is Associate Professor Julia Prendergast from Swinburne University.


The Executive

President | Chair

  • Associate Professor Julia Prendergast (Swinburne University, Victoria)

Deputy Chair

  • Dr Daniel Juckes (Curtin University)


  • Distinguished Professor Jen Webb (University of Canberra, ACT)

Public Officer

  • Dr Katrina Finlayson


  • Dr Eileen Herbert-Goodall

Members of the Executive

  • Dr Eileen Herbert-Goodall (Independent Scholar)
    Portfolio: Memberships Liaison 
  • Associate Professor Julienne van Loon (RMIT University)
    Portfolio: Research
  • Associate Professor Sue Joseph  (University of Technology Sydney)
    Portfolio: Postgraduate ECR Representative
  • Tom Davies
    Portfolio: Website | Online Presence Coordinator
  • Associate Professor Julia Prendergast
    Portfolio: Prizes and Partnerships (with Dr Katrina Finlayson and Dr Daniel Juckes)
  • Dr Ben Stubbs (University of South Australia)
    General Member of the ECoM

Co-opted Assistants to the Executive Committee of Management:

  • Dr Ariella Van Luyn: co-opted to HDR | ECR Portfolio
  • Dr Nadia Mead: co-opted to HDR | ECR Portfolio
  • Dr Jessie Seymour: co-opted to Meniscus
  • Dr Ginna Brock: co-opted to Meniscus
  • Associate Professor David Wright: co-opted to assist with the Portfolio: Membership Liaison Officer
  • Sarah Giles: co-opted to assist with the Website Portfolio

HDR Support

For support and confidential advice regarding PhD supervision and research, please send all enquiries to and we will forward the message onto the appropriate mentor after consultation with you.

  • Dr Sue Joseph (UTS, Sydney)
  • Distinguished Professor Jen Webb (University of Canberra, ACT)
  • Dr Julia Prendergast (Swinburne University, Victoria)
  • Professor Donna Lee Brien (CQ University, Queensland)
  • Professor Craig Batty (University of South Australia, Adelaide)
  • Professor Jeri Kroll (Flinders University, SA)

Please note: This service is aimed at providing pastoral support rather than policy advice. Support services include advice about managing your supervisor, managing your workload, and how to find help at your university when you are stuck. The service is not designed to provide advice regarding policy-related problems: these queries should be directed to the candidate’s higher degree graduate office.

AAWP Advisory Committee

  • Dr Antonia Pont, Immediate Past AAWP President/Chair (Deakin University, Melbourne)
  • Dr Lynda Hawryluk (Southern Cross University, NSW)
  • Professor Paul Hetherington (University of Canberra, ACT)
  • Professor Jeri Kroll (Flinders University, South Australia)
  • Professor Donna Lee Brien (CQ University, Queensland)
  • Gail Pittaway (Waikato Institute of Technology, New Zealand)
  • Associate Professor Dominique Hecq (Independent scholar)
  • Dr Stephanie Green(Griffith University, Queensland), previous Conference Convenor
  • Dr Lee McGowan (University of the Sunshine Coast) and Associate Professor Liz Ellison (Central Queensland University), previous Conference Convenors

AAWP Publications Committee

  • Distinguished Professor Jen Webb (University of Canberra, ACT)
  • Professor Paul Hetherington (University of Canberra, ACT)
  • Gail Pittaway (Waikato Institute of Technology, New Zealand)
  • Dr Paul Munden (National Association of Writers in Education, UK/University of Canberra, ACT)
  • Dr Deb Wain (Deakin University, Melbourne)
  • Dr Ross Watkins (University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland)

TEXT Journal

Managing Editors: Professor Nigel Krauth and Associate Professor Julienne van Loon

General Editors: Dr Ross Watkins and Associate Professor Shady Cosgrove

Special Issues Editor: Dr Ben Stubbs

Creative Works Editors: Professor Nigel Krauth and Dr Anthony Lawrence

Reviews Editors: Dr Dominic Symes and Dr Emma Doolan (assisted by Simon-Peter Telford)

Meniscus Literary Journal

A biannual literary journal publishing flash fiction, short prose, poetry and short experimental writing.

Meniscus Editors:

  • Distinguished Professor Jen Webb
  • Professor Paul Hetherington
  • Gail Pittaway
  • Dr Deb Wain



c i n d e r  is a journal for Higher Degree Candidates and recent post-graduates publishing scholarly research on creative writing practices, methodologies and theories.


Managing Co-Editors: Hayley Elliott-Ryan and Antonia Pont:

Editor: Sue Joseph