Western Sydney, University of, Bankstown (B), Nepean (N), Parramatta (P) and Penrith (Pe) Campuses

Postgraduate Courses:

Master of Arts – Creative WritingPhD and DCA (Doctor of Creative Arts), with a focus on Creative Writing

Staff Contact:

  • For BA, BA (English Text and Writing), Professor Leon Cantrell:l.cantrell@usw.edu.au
  • For BCommunication (Writing and Publishing), Dr Maria Angel:m.angel@uws.edu.au
  • For MA (Creative Writing), Dr Rick Lunn: r.lunn@uws.edu.au
  • For doctoral studies, and the Writing and Society Research Group:  writing@uws.edu.au (or check online,  www.uws.edu.au/writing_society)

Undergraduate Degree With Subjects In Creative Writing:

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts (English, Text & Writing)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Communication) (B, Pe)
  • Bachelor of Communications (Writing and Publishing) (Pe)


October 2008