The Writing Commons: CFP Extended To Friday 23 January

The call for papers for ‘The Writing Commons: Research and Pedagogy in Writing and Discourse’, the Seventh Annual Conference of
the Canadian Association for the Study of Discourse and Writing (CASDW / ACR) has been extended to this Friday, 23 January. The Conference takes places at the University of Ottawa – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Saturday, May 30 to Monday, June 1, 2015.

We invite papers on all aspects of writing studies for the seventh annual conference of CASDW/ACR, the largest gathering of writing studies scholars in Canada.  In particular, we invite papers on research into discourse and on writing theory and pedagogy connecting with our theme of The Writing Commons. This theme suggests multiple interpretations of “common” and the intersections of these meanings with writing.
Papers might address topics such as:
·         the nature of public discourse and public writing; past, present, or future of public discourses
·         writing commonplaces: beliefs and perceptions about writing and writing pedagogy; how these commonplaces are challenged or supported
·         the  writing centre as a “writing commons”
·         writing to build public knowledge, disciplinary knowledge, or the professions
·          common versus individual voice(s) and identities in writing
·         writing and accessibility: who needs access and improving access
·         the role of writing in academic institutions: democratic impulses and policy making
·         writing and resources – what we have, what we share, what we need to protect
Papers that address the 2015 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences theme of Capital Ideas s are also welcome.
We invite papers that draw on work in genre studies, rhetorical theory, writing studies, writing centre theory and practice, and professional and technical writing research and practice. We welcome papers that connect with CASDW’s heritage as a place for sharing research on technical and professional writing as well as those that connect with its more inclusive mission to examine all forms of discourse and writing and to explore pedagogical practices and innovations.
The proposal deadline is now January 23, 2015 (See Proposal Requirements)
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