TEXT Journal Vol. 28 Issue 1 is now live

In this latest issues of TEXT, Stef Markidis explores Deleuze, dance and the writing life; Jessica White looks at traversing genres, disciplines and institutions as a disabled writer and scholar; Sarai Mannolini-Winwood provides an auto-ethnographic review of Indigenous literature in Walyalup/Fremantle, Western Australia; Katerina Bryant and her co-authors looks at the language of women’s prisons; Julia Jarel discusses verbatim and site-specific playwriting; and Jenny Hedley experiments with ChatGPT as a code-writing assistant for digital poetry.

This issue also includes prose and poetry by Amelia Walker, Ian C Smith, Maureen Alsop, Tom Gurn, Tony Dignan, Emma Derainne, Tara Propper, David Thomas Henry Wright and Md Mujib Ullah.

And in our reviews section, Dominique Hecq reviews The Writing Mind: Creative Writing Responses to Images of the Living Brain (edited by Julia Prendergast, Eileen Herbert-Goodall & Jen Webb); Amelia Walker reviews Mathelinda Nabugodi’s Shelley with Benjamin: A critical mosaic; Aidan Coleman Reviews Ada Calhoun’s Also a Poet, and Verity Oswin reviews John Kinsella’s Legibility: An Antifascist Poetics and Adelle Sefton-Rowston’s Polities and Poetics – Race Relations and Reconciliation in Australian Literature.