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Postgraduate Programs

  • Graduate Diploma in Arts

The Graduate Diploma in Arts is a one year full time equivalent award intended for graduates seeking to build upon an existing undergraduate qualification by specialising in a chosen area including English and Creative Writing

  • Master of Creative Writing (Research)

The Master of Creative Writing is a three semester equivalent full time award affording students the opportunity to become part of a community of writers and develop their skills to a professional level. The program culminates in the production of a 48,000 word major work of supervised creative and academic research, in which students demonstrate their mastery of the craft and their understanding of their own writing in relation to historical and contemporary literary milieus. Graduates are well placed to pursue a professional career in the writing and publishing sector, and/or undertake doctorate level research in the creative arts.

Undergraduate Program

  • Bachelor of Arts major in Creative Writing

The Bachelor of Arts is a 3 year full time equivalent award  introducing students to a broad range of knowledge and enquiry underpinning our society and culture, within the context of a Christian worldview. With this degree you may choose to include a major in Creative Writing.

Art graduates have in the past established careers in a wide range of areas, such as publishing, journalism, book writing, advertising and media

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