New Executive Committee

After the success of our 21st Annual conference, hosted by the University of Canberra, the AAWP is pleased to introduce our new executive board. We have some returning members as well as fresh faces, and we are looking forward to working together to maintain AAWP’s stellar reputation in Australasia and the world.


Front (left to right): Katrina Finlayson, Jessica Seymour, Eugen Bacon, and Willo Drummond. Back (left to right): James Vicars, Amelia Walker, Jeri Kroll, Shane Strange, Paul Munden, Natalie Kon-Yu, Antonia Pont, Thom Conroy, Rachel Robertson, Julia Prendergast. Not pictured: Quinn Eades

The AAWP executive board was sad to say goodbye to a number of wonderful members, including our President, Lynda Hawryluk. Lynda has served on the executive board for 11 years, and was our president for three. She did a remarkable job. Stepping into the President’s shoes is Antonia Pont, who also heads our Memberships subcommittee. We also say goodbye to our wonderful Deputy Chair, Ross Watkins. Julia Prendergast will be taking on the role in his place.


Antonia and Lynda

For a full list of the committee members, their roles, and contact information, please see the AAWP Executive Committee page.