The AAWP Executive

Past Presidents of the AAWP include Judith Rodriguez, Professor Tom Shapcott, Dr Eva Sallis, Professor Jeri Kroll, Professor Donna Lee Brien, Dr Marcelle Freiman, Professor Jen Webb, Professor Paul Hetherington and Dr Lynda Hawryluk. The immediate past President is Dr Antonia Pont (Deakin University).

The current President of the AAWP is Dr Julia Prendergast from Swinburne University.

The Executive

The 2019 AGM of the AAWP was held in Sydney, Australia, in November, and a new Executive for 2019-20 was elected.


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Treasurer (acting)


Members of the Executive

HDR Support

For support and confidential advice regarding PhD supervision and research, please contact one of the following:

Please note: This service is aimed at providing pastoral support rather than policy advice. Support services include advice about managing your supervisor, managing your workload, and how to find help at your university when you are stuck. The service is not designed to provide advice regarding policy-related problems: these queries should be directed to the candidate’s higher degree graduate office.

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