TEXT Special Issues Sub-Editors

Calling on sub-editors, or would-be sub-editors.

TEXT Special Issues is seeking applications for four annual 12 month sub-editor internships, beginning 2022. We are looking for people who love words, understand grammar, spell well, have an eagle eye for technical literals, and can learn and apply our style guide rigorously.

TEXT Special Issues is published every June and December, with one to two special issues each publishing round. You will be working with the three Special Issues Co-Editors, eager to mentor and support you through this learning curve.

If you are interested and able to volunteer your time and effort to hone your editing skills, please send me a short paragraph, outlining your current skills and any experience to date. This is an opportunity for a mid-doctoral candidate or ECR looking to make connections in our academic and creative communities.

Co-Editors: Associate Professor Sue Joseph; Dr Kate Cantrell; and Dr Emma Doolan. Please send to: sue.joseph@unisa.edu.au