Writing In Practice: The Journal Of Creative Writing Research

The National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE) in the UK is delighted to announce the online publication of the first issue of its new peer-reviewed journal, which aims to explore the art of writing and to encourage all forms of related research.

The journal publishes scholarly articles about practice and process that contextualize, reflect on and respond to existing knowledge and understanding. Writers featured in the first issue are: Viccy Adams, Farrukh Akhtar, Craig Batty and Stayci Taylor, Donna Lee Brien and Bronwyn Fredericks, John Dale, Peter Griffiths, Mike Harris, Louise Tondeur, Sarah Wardle, J. T. Welsch, and Paul Williams. Guest contributor is Philip Gross. Read more or click CFP to download submission details for the second issue.

Submissions are now invited for the second issue of Writing in Practice, to be published in March 2016 and edited by Kathy Flann, Holly Howitt-Dring, Keith Jebb and Kate North. We are looking for articles that explore the art of imaginative writing of all kinds, highlighting and evolving current academic thinking and practice. Creative Writing itself is welcomed when integral to an article. The deadline for submissions is 5pm (GMT) on 17 June 2015.

Submissions should be in the region of 4-10,000 words, and include an abstract of up to 200 words. All submissions will be anonymously peer reviewed, with feedback given by early October 2015. Please refer to the full submission guidelines on the NAWE website before submitting your work to the editorial board: peer-review@nawe.co.uk