Minding The Gap: Writing Across Thresholds And Fault Lines

The Minding The Gap: Writing Across Thresholds And Fault Lines Papers – The Refereed Proceedings Of The 19th Conference Of The Australasian Association Of Writing Programs, 2014, Wellington NZ

ISBN 978-0-9807573-8-5 Copyright, 2015

Editorial Introduction: Gail Pittaway, Alex Lodge and Lisa Smithies

Section 1: Minding the gaps in Academia and Creative Writing

  • Martin Andrew – Mind the research gaps: drawing on the self in autoethnographic writing-
  • Amanda Apthorpe – Minding the Gap between Aspiration and Achievement
  • Eugen Bacon – Minding the gap: Writing across thresholds and fault lines
  • Scott Brook – Those who teach: creative writing and failure
  • Jeremy Fisher – Online workshopping and the writing of short fiction
  • Belinda Hilton – With my finger on the trigger: writing with dangerous caution
  • Sue Joseph & Freya Latona – Perspectives: Writing and supervising trauma narrative in tertiary studies
  • Rachel Le Rossignol – Writing Identity Beyond the PhD
  • Nollie Nahrung – Taking it up the arts: Textual montage, rhizomes, nomads and becoming in interstitial spaces
  • Julian Novitz – The value of distance- teaching creative writing online.
  • Navid Sabet – Between machines: Encountering writing through assemblage, becoming, and affect
  • Shane Strange & Paul Hetherington – Making the city otherwise: Ways of teaching the writing of poetry
  • Susan Taylor Suchy – Writing for the new social media marketplace:  a direction for creative writing in the university

Section 2: Bridging gaps in Genre, Medium and Form

Section 3: Playing with gaps; creative strategies