NAWE Petition to restore the major in Creative Writing in secondary schools

A recent decision by the UK government has led to a decision to axe the A level and AS level (secondary/high school majors) in Creative Writing. The DfE justified this decision by arguing that there is too much overlap with English and English Language A levels and that the subject is too skills based rather than knowledge based.

NAWE is the Subject Association for Creative Writing in the UK, and was delighted to see the new A level rolled out over the last few years across the country and flourish since its introduction in 2013, and argues that likening studying creative writing to studying English is misguided. Although there is some ‘writing’ as part of the assessment of English Language this is from the perspective of the creation of texts as product for specific audience and purpose. There is no requirement for reflection or understanding of the writing process. At a time when students with good communication skills, flexibility and creativity are in high demand in the workplace, this decision does not seem to make any sense at all.

NAWE has started a petition to bring international attention to this issue. For more information and to lend your voice and signature to the debate, visit the NAWE website.