Guy Morrison Prize for Literary Journalism now open

The $4000 Guy Morrison Prize for Literary Journalism recognises excellence in Literary Journalism by an undergraduate and postgraduate Writing or Journalism student.

The prize honours Sydney journalist and playwright Guy Morrison, former Production Editor of The Australian and Features Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald, author of the memoir We Shared an Island, and plays Jara, Those Old Picasso Blues, Dancing the Tango in Sensible Shoes, Victor, and Eat Cake.

The Prize is for the best piece of Literary Journalism by an undergraduate or postgraduate student enrolled in a Writing or Journalism program in an Australian university. In the context of this Prize, Literary Journalism is defined as: “a factually accurate, well-researched story that demonstrates the use of fiction techniques in a work of non-fiction; a work that is written with style, flair, detailed description and narrative flow; a work that demonstrates a journalistic and critical understanding of some of the finest reportage in the English language”. The work submitted for the Prize must demonstrate these qualities.

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