CALL FOR SHORT STORIES: Social Alternatives

Social Alternatives is an independent, not-for-profit peer-reviewed journal with quarterly publications. It is committed to the principles of social justice, commenting on important social issues of current concern or public debate. We publish practical and theoretical articles on relevant topics, as well as reviews, short stories, poems, graphics, commentaries and critiques.

While Social Alternatives is primarily a scholarly journal, publishing articles and commentary, the collective firmly recognises the ability for literature to comment on range of social issues and act as vehicle for social change. Fiction is by definition transformative, allowing us to reveal and re-imagine ourselves. No particular theme or focus is required for short stories.

Please note, authors are invited to submit short stories they have polished and should not attempt to artificially target social issues since the creative nature of short story writing can be stymied by this focus.

Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting your writing.

Direct enquiries and submissions to the Short Story Editor:
Dr Thu Hoang – Independent scholar – Please use this while the Social Alternatives server is undergoing reconstruction. Once this is completed, future contact can be made at