Call for papers, TEXT Special Issue

Call for papers, TEXT Special Issue: ‘Climates of Change’, following the AAWP 2017 conference theme

Editors: Patrick Allington, Melanie Pryor and Piri Eddy

Creative writers have always engaged with, responded to, and inspired change through
writing. In recent years, writers have used fiction, non-fiction, and hybrid forms as vehicles
to understand, explain, and rationalise social changes; to observe, communicate, and record
moments of significant change; to commemorate or lament personal and global changes. We
write from positions of hope, anticipation, or dread, trying to make sense of an ever-changing

The editors will consider scholarly and/or exegetical papers initially presented at AAWP
2017. If you are not certain if your paper is eligible for consideration, please contact Patrick
Allington at

Papers are encouraged to explore, but are not limited to, the following:

● Catalyst and consequences: the role of writing in understanding, pursuing or resisting
change at the personal, social, and/or political (local, national, global) level
● Changing landscapes (literal and figurative)
● Craft and form: changes in processes and/or publication of creative writing
● The changing climate of creative writing in academic contexts
● Perpetual change and notions of fluidity (e.g. identity, artistic expression, genres)
● Past, present, future: changes in time and space
● Evolutionary spaces in creative writing
● Remembering and forgetting: writing significant moments of change
● ‘Good’ change and ‘bad’ change: does change have an inherent value, and who decides?

Completed articles should be submitted for review by 1 March 2018. We welcome early
submissions. Papers should be a maximum of 6000 words. Please follow the information for
contributor guidelines regarding style:

Please submit articles to Dr Patrick Allington, Flinders University
( with ‘TEXT special edition’ in the subject line.
Please note that papers will be subject to peer review and to curatorial consideration by the
editors. As noted, the editors will only accept papers initially presented at AAWP 2017.