Axon: Creative Explorations CFP

Poetry as speculation: Axon 11.1 (June) 2021

Ends on May 24, 2021

Please DO NOT submit poems to this issue

This issue of the Axon journal investigates ways in which contemporary poetry speculates about the world, modes of being, reality, creativity, writing itself and ways of understanding the quotidian. We are NOT looking for poems or poetic forms of speculative fiction. Please submit academic papers that explore and relate to:

• ways in which poetic expression and form may be said to speculate;

• how poetry conjectures about the nature of reality and/or being;

• ways in which poetry posits that certain things or situations are the case, even when this may not be literally true;

• how poetry makes use of the fantastic or invokes ideas of wonder;

• how poetry critiques common sense assumptions through invoking or suggesting alternatives;

• how poetry hypothesises about ‘alternative realities’;

• how poetry constitutes a form of conjecture or postulation;

• ways in which poetry engages in imaginative forms of theorisation;

• poetry as surmise;

• poetry as a way of thinking ahead;

• poetry’s employment of unlikely notions and ideas;

• poetry as a form of surmise.

What we would like from contributors:

1. A 150-word abstract of your proposed paper by Monday 8 February 2021.

2. If your abstract is accepted (we will notify you by Friday 22 February 2021), a full written paper of between 3,000 and 6,000 words should be submitted by Monday 24 May 2021.

The editors of this issue of Axon: Creative Explorations journal are Professor Paul Hetherington and Professor Jen Webb.