Axon Capsule 2: Call for submissions

Axon: Creative Explorations

The poetic line: Recent innovations

From Mallarmé onwards, the parameters of the line have been manipulated in diverse ways by poets from Williams to Olson, Howe, Hejinian and others. Whether concentrating on the concept of the breath as a defining unit, harnessing a particular speech rhythm or responding to visual prompts—some of which reflect the internet age and new media—the poetic line is neither static nor redundant in contemporary practice. An exploration of poetic structure via the line still offers vital alternatives to prose, yet may be deeply influenced by it.

The 2nd Axon capsule focuses on recent innovations and theories of the poetic line and will be published as soon as ready. The deadline for submissions is 1 October.

We invite contributions that discuss:

  • Creative practice which engages with experiments in lineation
  • Theories of lineation
  • Intersections between the poetic line and visual art
  • The line and typography
  • The line and performance
  • Tensions between the line and the sentence
  • The line and music
  • The line and digital media

The editor of this Axon capsule is Owen Bullock; send submissions to:

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