AAWP/Voiceworks Sudden Writing Prize Winner and Shortlist Announced

CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of the 2020 Sudden Writing Prize, Raphail Spartalis!

The prize was co-judged by AAWP and Voiceworks, and the judges noted:

‘Little Apocalypse’ by Raphail Spartalis takes the image of children exploring rockpools, and inspects it at a scale and perspective that makes it strange. The imagery and tone in the piece are impressively memorably rendered—a tranquillity viscerally interrupted.

But like all writing, there are multiple readings, which makes this creation even more deeply interesting. Analogous perhaps; metaphorical. Perceptively fluid.

What we both agree on is that this is a piece we will think about in the future, observing the small chaoses our bodies create with a penetrating oddness.

CONGRATULATIONS also to our shortlisted authors (in alphabetical order): Amelia Bussing, Dominique Byrne, Grace Cassidy, Natasha Durney-Steel, Isabella Garrido, Jessica Hudson, Christina Tungate, Arun Wilfred Sam Than, Lorelei Williams.

You can read the winning piece right now, up on the Express Media website, here.

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