AAWP Postgraduate Prize: Submissions Close 15 December

To celebrate and reward postgraduate excellence in research, the AAWP is again awarding prizes for the best scholarly papers presented in the referreed stream by postgraduates at the Annual Conference. The winner receives a prize of $300 value and highly commended a prize of $100. The winner is also invited to co-edit the Conference Proceedings, a valuable career opportunity. The criteria used by the judges are: clarity of the research question; significance of the inquiry; originality in thought and approach; appropriateness of the writing style. Prizes at this level represent a significant addition to the CV of recipients, so all eligible postgraduates are encouraged to submit final versions of their papers to Dr Julia Prendergast (j.prendergast@deakin.edu.au) by 15 December 2014.Copies of the entry conditions can be downloaded here. The results of the prize will be announced in February 2015.