The Creativity & Uncertainty Papers

The Creativity And Uncertainty Papers: The Refereed Proceedings Of The 13th Conference Of The Australian Association Of Writing Programs, 2008

ISBN 978-0-9807573-1-6 Copyright 2008

Teaching writing

  • Chandler, Benjamin Predictable Plots and Secondary Worlds: Teaching creative writing through modern fantasy
  • Conway-Herron, Janie and Chris Morgan Flexible Delivery: Creative Environments
  • Cosgrove, Shady Uncertainty and Praxis in the Creative Writing Classroom
  • Lobb, Joshua ‘But if the author is dead, what are we doing here’: Teaching Critical Theory in a Creative Writing Program
  • May, Steve Inspiration, deadlines and working to a brief: student views of creativity, coursework and the world beyond
  • Murphy, Ffion Shots in the dark: writing, revelation, and responsibility
  • Watkins, Ross  Uncertain Duality: Conflicts of the Creative Writing Undergraduate as Scholar/Author

Postgraduate teaching

Reading writing

  • Amin, Manisha What Writers Write and Readers Hear
  • Arnold, Josie Herstory is women’s history: Are popular books by and about women prowomen?
  • Fisher, Jeremy Creating disconcerting uncertainty through sustained second person narrative voice: Second person narrative voice in the fiction of G.M Glaskin and Peter Kocan
  • Neave, Lucy What Contemporary Writers Can Tell us about Writing Process: Hartnett’s Trees and Clouds, and Garner’s ‘I’

Writers writing

Reading and theory

  • Anderson, Theresa The many faces of uncertainty: getting at the anthropology of uncertainty
  • Falconer, Delia The Challenge of the “Post-postmodern”
  • Harris, Mike Are Writers Really There When They’re Writing About Their Writing? … And Can We Theorise About What They Say and Do?
  • Hecq, Dominique Banking on Creativity?
  • Joseph, Sue What if Tom Wolfe was Australian?
  • Kroll, Jeri Creative Practice and/as/is/or Research: An Overview
  • Lynch, Gay Metaphor as New Knowledge
  • Perry, Gaylene The non-verbal and the verbal: expanding awareness of practice-led research in creative writing