The Authorised Theft Papers

The Authorised Theft: Writing, Scholarship, Collaboration Papers – The Refereed Proceedings Of The 21st Conference Of The Australasian Association Of Writing Programs, 2016, Canberra AUS

ISBN: 978-0-9876205-0-7

Editorial Introduction – Niloofar Fanaiyan, Rachel Franks and Jessica Seymour

Section 1: Critical Papers

  • Athina Bakirtzidis – Honouring narrative truth
  • Owen Bullock – Response mode: taking everything and the genre
  • Alayna Cole – Moving beyond the self: how blog posts can inspire narratives of representation
  • Shady Cosgrove – One page and counting – beginnings and narrative construction
  • Rhett Davis – Author/Developer, Reader/Player: games in experimental fiction and experimental fiction in games
  • Anna Denejkina – Exo-Autoethnography: writing and research on transgenerational transmission of trauma
  • Claire Duffy – Plundering the feminine grotesque in Angela Carter’s Nights at the Circus
  • Zoe Dzunko – ‘Girls in their Summer Clothes’: transgressive liminality and outsiderhood in Bruce Springsteen’s and Philip Levine’s female protagonists
  • Rachel Franks – Stealing stories: punishment, profit and the Ordinary of Newgate
  • Harriet Gaffney – Romancing Theft
  • Carol Hoggart – Theoretical theft: Chaucer, literary theory and the (re)creation of fictional character
  • Lynn Jenner – Opportunity, fixed points and the space in-between: the creative writing PhD at the International Institute of Modern Letters
  • Brooke Maggs – The Writer Between: Thieving Literary Plot to Design Game Narrative
  • Phillipa Martin – Writing a self-reflexive crime novel using real life and fictional adaptations
  • Benjamin Miller – David Unaipo’s life stories: Aboriginal writing and rhetoric
  • Patrick Mullins – Justifying the profane: ethics and biography
  • Paul Munden & Paul Hetherington – A Doubtful Freedom: Untidy sonnets and a contemporary poetics
  • Jason Nahrung – Stolen futures: the Anthropocene in Australian science fiction mosaic novels
  • Pip Newling – Teaching writing, teaching whiteness with Fiona Nicoll and Kim Scott
  • Danielle Nohra – Stolen landscapes: trauma, agency and environmental ideology in Lucy Christopher’s Stolen
  • Susan Presto – Poethics: taking responsibility for unknowability
  • Angela Savage – (Un)authorised theft: The ethics of using real life to inform fiction
  • Rosemary Sayer – Identity theft: the missing narrative of refugees and asylum seekers in Australia
  • Jessica Seymour – Representations of fanfiction in the works of Rainbow Rowell; ‘Borrowing… Repurposing. Remixing. Sampling’
  • Nathan Smale – Transacting trauma: reader transation theory and fictocritical infinity
  • Maria Takolander – Theft as creative methodology: A case study of digital narratives
  • Nat Texler – “Is it theft if you steal it from yourself?” – artistic audits for mapping the development of new theatrical work from old influences
  • Debra Wain – (Re)Writing sites of food preparation as spaces of women’s authority and autonomy
  • Olga Walker – Fallen angels: the lost warriors of the 1916 Proclamation

Section 2: Creative Papers