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Ballarat, University of

Non-Degree Studies:

Certificate IV in Professional Writing & Editing

Diploma of Professional Writing & Editing

Staff Contact:

Irene Warfe Coordinator Certificate IV/Diploma in Professional Writing & Editing

  • 03 5327 8168

Dr Lesley Speed Coordinator Bachelor of Arts/Diploma in Professional Writing & Editing

  • 03 5327 9759

Undergraduate Degree With Subjects In Creative Writing:

Bachelor of Arts/Diploma of Professional Writing & Editing


August 2013

Adelaide College of the Arts

Non-Degree Studies:

  • Short courses in: Creative Writing, Editing Techniques, Working as a Professional Writer, Freelance Journalism, Corporate Writing, Technical Writing, Write biography, Write for Advertising, Write History for Publication, and Writing Children’s Stories
  • Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing)
  • Advanced Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing)

Staff Contact:


Administrative Officer:

Phone 08 84635011


May 2011