24th Annual Conference

Writing Through…
The Australasian Association of Writing Programs’
24th Annual Conference

25-27 November, 2019, at the University of Technology Sydney

Creative writing never occurs in a vacuum – there are hurdles to negotiate, whether emotional, physical, psychic or temporal. The theme of this year’s AAAWP conference is ‘Writing through …’. The ellipses are pointedly loaded, and we hope by November, will be laden and rich with the knowledge and generosity of your own writing space. Whether your ellipses are thoughts unfinished, hesitations, omissions; whether they are moody, angry, joyful or echoing; whether they are about prejudice, paternalism, or pain, we want to hear how you get through them; how (and why) you write through…

The location of the 2019 annual conference of the AAWP is at the University of Technology Sydney, situated in a lively creative quarter of the city, growing and developing yearly. This year we hope to bring you well-known keynote speakers from the precinct as well as a specialist panel together with an evening event, held at UTS.

We invite presentations — from pedagogy, research, and practice in creative or professional writing, editing and publishing — that interrogate the numerous ways you write through … and the various pathways your work is disseminated, enabling voices (both marginal and mainstream), perspectives, and notions to emerge, form, and animate. Presentation themes may be drawn from (but are not limited to) the following:

• Experiments
• Limitations
• Subjectivities
• Exegetical obstructions, both real and imagined
• Indigenous concepts and experience
• Minority writing (disability, LGBTIQ, refugee…)
• Regional writing
• Performative writing
• Writing together, both creative and scholarly
• Uncertainty (creative, scholarly, employment)
• Professional and industrial parameters
• Austerity
• The ‘class ceiling’
• Orthodoxies

Proposals for individual papers or pre-formed panels (three panellists only) are both welcome. Proposals may be a work of scholarship on or about creative practice, or one engaging with the conference theme in any way, or may be a creative work which incorporates a scholarly framework
to be presented along with the creative element. Individual papers will be 15 minutes long, allowing for 15 minutes of questions within the hour; panels are the same time format. Proposed papers will not be subject to peer review but there will be discussion of publication points after the conference. Postgraduates are particularly encouraged to submit to the conference and a postgrad masterclass will be held on the morning after the conference (28 November)—more information soon.

Proposals, both individual papers and pre-formed panels, should be submitted here, both by April 19, 2019.

Final conference program

Queries to: aawp2019@uts.edu.au

Conference Committee: Dr Sue Joseph; Dr Sarah Attfield; Professor Craig Batty; Professor John Dale; Mr Michael Stranges